Tango wakacje z Elise Roulin & Toni Kastelan

Tango wakacje z Elise Roulin & Toni Kastelan
9-15.07.2018   Majowa szko┼éa ta┼äca   09.07.2019  

Tango wakacje z Elise Roulin & Toni Kastelan

Wszyscy czekamy z ut─Ösknieniem na lato i wakacje! ­čÖé
Ale, ┼╝eby tyle bez tanga?!

Odpowied┼║ jest jedna- TANGO-WAKACJE!
I to nie byle jakie, bo – z ukochan─ů przez naszych uczni├│w ( i w og├│le wszystkich! ­čÖé ) – par─ů: Elise i Tonim! ÔÖą

Elise Roulin i Toni Kastelan sp─Ödz─ů z nami ca┼éy tydzie┼ä.
B─Ödziemy szkoli─ç si─Ö, ta┼äczy─ç i bawi─ç. ­čÖé

Odwied┼║cie stron─Ö naszych Maestros:

W skr├│cie:
15 godz. lekcji, 5 godz. praktyki, 6 milong
6 nocleg├│w, 6 ┼Ťniada┼ä, 6 obiadokolacji

Poranne lekcje b─Öd─ů po┼Ťwi─Öcone g┼é├│wnie technice, popo┼éudniami zajmiemy si─Ö figurami, kontaktem, ekspresj─ů, improwizacj─ů … Kreatywno┼Ťci─ů!

Praktyka, ┼╝eby utrwali─ç materia┼é z lekcji A po kolacji, od┼Ťwie┼╝eni i wystrojeni poczujemy, ┼╝e jednak jeste┼Ťmy na wakacjach – czyli Milonga na deser ! To b─Ödzie te┼╝ okazja, ┼╝eby poczu─ç, ┼╝e nowe umiej─Ötno┼Ťci naprawd─Ö „dzia┼éaj─ů”.

O┼Ťrodek Wypoczynkowy „MAX” Jarno┼ét├│wek


NOCLEGI: 768 zł / os
w cenie s─ů jeszcze ┼Ťniadania + obiadokolacje + mo┼╝liwo┼Ť─ç korzystania z basenu w godzinach jego otwarcia:

TANGO – nauka
do 12.05:
780 z┼é/ os – dla uczestnik├│w warsztat├│w z Elise i Tonim, poprzednich tango-wakacji oraz uczni├│w Majowej.
820 z┼é/os – dla pozosta┼éych

po 12.05
860 z┼é/ os – dla uczestnik├│w warsztat├│w z Elise i Tonim, poprzednich tango-wakacji oraz uczni├│w Majowej.
900 z┼é/ os – dla pozosta┼éych

0 – dla uczestnik├│w
20 z┼é – dla reszty ┼Ťwiata


e-mail: tango.zabrze@gmail.com
tel. 535 299 316
Wpłata zaliczki 500 zł jest ostatecznym potwierdzeniem rezerwacji.
Nr konta wysyłamy mailowo po dokonaniu zgłoszenia


My ju┼╝ zapisali┼Ťmy i czekamy na Was. ­čÖé
TANGO-HOLIDAYS (whole 6 days!) with Elise Roulin &Toni Kastelan!

Tango: 15 houres of classes, 5 houres od practis, 6 milonga’s
Accomodation: half-board, 6 days
The accommodation price includes swimming pool and other features provided by MAX

Elise & Toni on TANGO AGENDA:
„In the morning, the class will be more technical, and in the afternoon, more about figures, connexion, expression, improvisation… Creativity! For the practice, I see also it like a co-working moment, where maybe even other participants can help the others if they feel like, why not! The music would run for one hour, and we would be here to help, in a less intrusive way than the lesson. And after dinner and shower, refreshing and nice dressd we will feel a taste of holidays – milonga as a desert! ”

ACCOMODATION: half-board
Poland, Jarnołtówek 32b, 48-267 Jarnołtówek
O┼Ťrodek Wypoczynkowy „MAX” Jarno┼ét├│wek

„MAX” is located in Jarno┼ét├│wek, on the west side of the Mount Biskupia Kopa, in the picturesque Opawskie Mountains, on the premises of the Landscape Park. It is surrounded by forests and hiking routes, 5 km from G┼éucho┼éazy town.
It offers cosy apartments with bathrooms, free Wi-Fi and satellite TV. It features an indoor pool and sports facilities.Barbecue facilities are available. Free on-site parking is provided.
Exept TANGO there minimum 3 reasons to visit Jarnołtówek: mountain walks, nature and hiking.


768 zł / person

payment till 12.05:
195 eu/person for the Elise & Toni workshops attendees
205 eu/person for the rest

payment after 12.05:
215 eu/person for the Elise & Toni workshops attendeeseu/person
225 eu/person for the rest

0 eu for Tango-holidays participants
5 eu – for the rest


e-mail: tango.zabrze@gmail.com
tel. 535 299 316
Advance payment of 130 eu confirms your booking
Account number will be sent after e-mail registration.


ELISE ROULIN┬álives, dances and teaches Argentine Tango in Europe and in Buenos Aires. Since 2011, she has been sharing her experiences in the spirit of her main master Rodolfo Dinzel. Elise’s practice of the Dinzel philosophy made her discover the concept of pure improvisation, in an essential dialogue within the couple. She defends a fair share of the pleasures and responsibilities between the two tango partners, so both roles are able to fully express themselves, while still listening to each other. Elise is convinced that the Argentine Tango is an art and not a sport. While appreciating the body technical work, it will be approached to reach the freedom needed to express the uniqueness of ourselves, rather than for technical competition. In her teaching, she guides the dancers in the research of their own inner dance, and in the quality of its sharing. Taking her inspiration from varied disciplines such as AlexanderÔÇÖs technique, contact improvisation, contemporary dance, theater and even neurosciences, EliseÔÇÖs teaching is unique and personal. Today she continues her research with various dancers and teachers in Buenos Aires, such as Corina de la Rosa, Carlos Perez y Rosa Forte.

TONI KASTELAN is studying Argentinean Tango in Buenos Aires since 2010 and teaching regularly in Europe. Before dedicating himself to tango fulltime, Toni danced and taught Lindy Hop, a jazz inspired dance, for many years. Toni has an education in fine arts from Stockholm and recently shifted focus to black and white photography. Since his discovery of the Argentine Tango he instantly felt that he wanted explore its roots in order to achieve an deeper understanding of the dance and its cultural heritage. Toni was taught in Buenos Aires by Mario Morales, a choreographer and tango, folk dancer who had trained many of the successful dancers of the Mundial Tango championship. For Toni, Tango is a way of living, and most importantly a tool to express himself as an individual and artist. He wishes to share this experience through his teaching. Many of the elements that he learned through his Fine Arts studies, and puppet theatre, enriched his Tango and gave it an unique flavour. As much as he appreciates perfecting the technical skills, he has a strong belief that our personality must be expressed through the dance, making it unique and interesting. His movements are based on fearless instincts and dynamic motions. His focus is on Tango Salon style with close embrace, and more recently Tango Escenario.



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